Snow Woman [Defense Mechanism]
by Melissa Martin

Stalactites on the ceiling of her identity,
Stalagmites on the floor of her essence.

Too many frigid lovers,
Left frostbite on her soul.

Hiding from the sunlight,
Ice crystals protect her passion.

Ice cube tray of frozen emotions,
Arctic winds blew her warmth away.

Longing to shed her fur coat,
She contemplates the risks and rewards.

Frosty scars of rejection,
Trigger chilly memories of betrayal.

Timidly, she steps back into life's oven,
The heat begins to melt her glacier barrier.

I choose a second chance.
I choose a third chance.
I choose another chance.
I choose to live in the present.
I choose to heal from the past.
I choose a future of hope and healing.
I choose.

Melissa writes about the God and human connection and condition.

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