Because He Lives! Happy Easter!!
by Fenny West

Because He lives,
You too can join the victory train;
Your faith is not in vain;
Your pain can be turned into a gain;
The victim can be a victor.

Because He lives,
You too can live
in the power of an endless life.
You will not face the second death,
If you're born again- a New Creation;
Your place is set at the banqueting table
of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.
Your garment is white and ready.

Because He is alive,
Heaven's gates are wide open,
And every prison can be opened;
And you can face tomorrow without sorrow.
Your Night can be turned into DAY;
Your death knell is silenced.
The ordinances and accusations against you are cancelled.
You can now go free, discharged, acquitted.

Because He's alive,
You too can come out of your grave;
Hopelessness can give way to hope;
Darkness displace and dispelled with brightness.
Your minus can be turned into a plus;
And your negatives into positives.

Because He lives,
I who was steeped and dead in sin,
Who was crucified with Him,
Was also raised together with Him;
And now seated with Him in heavenly places,
Far above principalities and powers,
Far above thrones and dominions.
The same Spirit that raised Him from the dead,
raised me from the dead and lives in me.

The same is true of YOU if you know Him.
Your name is written in blood in the Book of Life,
Just as He backed His Word with the blood
The blood of His One and only Son.
You and I have a covenant established
On better promises; the old was removed
The New was enacted.

Because He lives,
Your mortal body can receive life;
Your dead dreams can come back to life;
You can see your dead loved ones again;
You can see the Kingdom of God,
You can enjoy the Kingdom of God,
You can taste heaven on earth.

Because He lives,
You too can live in Him;
live with Him;
and live for Him.

Happy Easter!

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