The Lost Generation
by Deborah Ann Belka

I am from the lost generation,
there are 949,479,786 in my group
and today I am speaking out for all of us
right here from Heaven's stoop.

We are the sons and daughters,
who were never even given a chance
and we're standing here hand-in-hand
spiritually united in our stance.

We will never feel our heart beat,
or hear our first cry at our birth
we will never know our eye color
our height, our weight, our girth.

We will never have our first boo-boos,
or get a kiss from our mommies lips
we will never get a piggy-back ride from daddy
or get carried around on grandmas hips.

We will never see a playground,
or the animals at the zoo
we will never splash in the ocean
or hear a cow go moo-moo-moo.

We will never learn arithmetic,
or be in a spelling bee
we will never play dodge ball
or giggle and laugh with glee.

We will never have our first kiss,
or fall in love with our soul mate
we will never have to worry about
our jobs, our homes, our fate.

We are from the lost generation,
we could have been moms or dads
but instead we were considered "tissue"
according to the abortionist labs.

But, we want everyone to know,
we are having an everlasting jubilee
for, up here in Heaven . . .
Jesus bounces us on His knee!


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Copyright 2019
Deborah Ann Belka
[email protected]


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