What a Waste!
by Donna Wasson

Ya'll are just going to have to bear with me here. I'm honestly not a mean spirited person. Actually, I have a huge heart but I will admit I have a very low tolerance for stupidity. I don't mean low I.Q. stupid, you can't help that. I mean had-the-world-by-the-tail-on-a-downhill-slope-and-threw-it-away, kind of stupid. Unfortunately, I think you know who I mean.

Geesh, Whitney, how could you have let yourself down so much? How could you have let the whole world down; those who supported you and bought your albums and went to your movies? How could you have failed that precious daughter of yours so completely?

I was as shocked as anyone today, hearing about the untimely death of one of the most beautiful and talented women ever to walk the earth. I was a fan of hers myself but it didn't take long for it to sink in for me to start getting angry. By now, anyone who reads my stuff knows I don't mince words. I tend to say what everyone else is thinking but don't have the guts to verbalize.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, the 2012 Spoiled Brat Award goes toWhitney Houston!!

Oh, I'm being mean and heartless, huh? Why don't we take a walk down memory lane and look at this woman's preternaturally perfect start in life, shall we?

Ms. Houston was born in 1963 to well known gospel singer, Cissy Houston and everyone knows ad nausea, that she was the cousin of Dionne Warwick, a popular singer from the 1970's. Her godmother was Aretha Franklin, for crying out loud! She was brought forth into a world of privilege and readymade advantages. Then there was that voice

When have you ever heard a voice like that? Such effortless power, pitch and emotion, all pouring from the mouth of this young woman of exceptional beauty. Dang, at least the girl could have been homely, but Noooooo, she was even blessed with such splendid looks that she ended up on magazine covers in her late teens, even before her first hit record.

She started singing in her church at five years old. When she was approximately twenty-two, her debut album was released. It spawned 4 hit singles and sold 25 million albums worldwide. This was when she was starting out! The child never had to hit the streets, hustling for the opportunity to submit audition tapes to producers; legendary record producer, Clive Davis came to HER!

Throughout the years, she went on to release 7 albums, which sold over 200 million copies. She produced 3 motion picture soundtracks, starred in 3 movies and won 6 Grammys, 20 Billboard Music Awards, 22 American Music Awards and 2 Emmys. I'm guessing she made a considerable amount of money with these achievements.

In 1991, she gave what is still thought of as the quintessential performance of the Star Spangled Banner at Super Bowl XXV; a performance that gives me goose bumps to this day. And then came Bobby.

For some unfathomable reason known only to Whitney and God, she began to shed her 'good girl' image when she started dating and married former boy band singer, Bobby Brown in 1992. A well known troublemaker, he had already racked up several arrests for drugs and DUI's.

A once cherished daughter, Bobbie Kristina, was born in 1993, but Whitney was already sliding down cocaine hill before her pregnancy and, shortly after Bobbie's birth, she resumed her hard partying ways. Rumors were flying about the wild, late night drug and alcohol fueled parties she and Bobby Brown threw and those around her, who were still in their right mind, were very concerned.

Her family and Clive Davis begged her to dump her primary drug dealer, her husband, and get help for her substance abuse problem. Her innocent daughter was caught in the middle of her parent's tumultuous fights and lifestyle. What was Whitney thinking?? Apparently, she refused offers of help and let everyone know she was just fine and perfectly able to handle her own life, even when child protective services came calling.

Her rendition of Dolly Parton's song, I Will Always Love You, was her last huge hit and it earned her several awards and rave reviews. She must have felt vindicated when she proved her critics wrong. However, the fights with Bobby became more frequent and abusive and in 2007, they divorced.

Her fans and family seemed to give a collective sigh of relief and held out the hope that Whitney might be able to regain in music and reputation what she had carelessly thrown away in the previous years. Her last album was released in 2009 and went platinum. She was in and out of rehab during this time and was, by her own pronouncement, drug free by 2010.

From what I understand, Clive Davis decided to try one last time to get Whitney back on her feet musically and set up a concert schedule. Unfortunately, much to her family and fan's horror, that magnificent voice was ruined by the years of drugs, inhalants and booze. Her singing was raspy and hoarse and she was unable to hit those soaring high notes of her earlier career. It was embarrassing and pathetic to witness. Fans booed her and walked out. Concerts were canceled. Whitney's golden career was officially finished.

Back to the 'stupid' issue. I am saddened by her death. I am sad that her daughter no longer has her mother. But, I am disgusted that this woman, born with the God given advantages she had; stunning beauty, unparalleled vocals, music industry connections and a Christian upbringing to boot, arrogantly wasted it on some loser husband, booze and drugs.

She had every advantage plus the support and encouragement of family and friends who would have done anything necessary to assist her in getting her life back in order. I can just imagine the years of pleading and tears they wasted, trying to get her to listen to reason only to witness a slow-motion train wreck. I am very sad and angry for her family. What she must have put them through

I can just hear the jeers of, "You're not a very good Christian to be saying these things!" Puleeze. I'm only speaking the truth. And the truth is, she had it all; had it handed to her on a silver platter. And she deliberately threw it away. THAT, my friends, is what I call a major dose of stupid!

Donna Wasson is all of the following: Married. Mom. Hospice RN. Avid reader. Animal lover.  Needing to spread the Gospel while there is still time.

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