Seeking Good - Prov 11:27
by Jack Jones

He who seeks good finds goodwill, but evil comes to him who searches for it. Prov 11:27

I remember participating in a military reconnaissance course; advanced training to become the eyes and ears of the Battalion. Being observant, motivated and disciplined were prerequisites for the role. Reconnaissance soldiers are utilised to search for the enemy. The position is therefore extremely dangerous. If you are caught by what you search for, more often than not, you will be killed.

On commencing the course myself and four other soldiers were thrown together. As the highest rank I was given command until our allocated Directing Staff arrived the following day. Immediately I sought to encourage and bond the team. Competition on such courses is fierce. With twenty other squads competing, only the most cohesive triumph. Seeking and cultivating good moral was a priority.

That particular team went on to be the top performing squad of the whole course. One soldier was awarded the Student of Merit , while the others each received commendations for their teamwork and professionalism. We bonded and worked well together. Positive encouragement had motivated us to do our best.

Seeking the worst in others is easy. We all have elements of sin within us. Sin that the Holy Spirit continually seeks to repair. Once this process of repair commences; sin is slowly cleansed away. Another term for this is sanctification. No one becomes perfect overnight. Thus evil lingers in all of us. Indeed, if we claim to be without sin we deceive ourselves (1 John 1:8). And if we walk around picking specks out of other's eyes; then we fail to see the plank in our own (Matt).

Search and Encourage

Rather than looking for evil and judging it, seek good and encourage. All humans have the capacity to love. Even pagans (Matt). A remnant of God's goodness can be found in us all. Of course sometimes it can feel like we are searching for a diamond under a mountain of rubble. However, once uncovered and polished, we discover something of infinite value.

He who seeks good finds goodwill. Finding evil in a fallen world is not difficult. The wise seek good, and when they find it, they encourage and strengthen it (2 Thess 2:17).

Jack Jones, Editor of The Christian Network and Street Chaplain -, Australia's most comprehensive Christian Web Magazine.

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