by hannah IDOWU

Make Me, the LORD, your shepherd!
I will ensure that you do not go hungry
I will keep watch over you
I will preserve your destiny
I will guarantee that you do not lack any good thing

Make Me, the LORD, your shepherd!
I will give you rest in your home, in your career, in your relationship, hmm....name all your concerns, I will give you peace that passes all human reasoning

Listen, if you make Me, the LORD, your shepherd!
I will renew your strength daily
I will break protocols and open impossible doors
I will make your life to be as of a shinning light
I will restore your soul and make your health to spring forth as the morning

Would YOU make Me, the LORD, the shepherd of your WHOLE life?


I enjoy reading motivational books and the bible hence as i am inspired i find myself either composing a song or poetry. I call them my moments of intimacy with the Most High God. 
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