It's Not A Lonesome Word
by veronica cressey

If I could prepare you for life,
I would hear the Angels sigh,
as they rush to write down the words
weighing gently on my mind.

I'd ask you to sit down with me,
while looking in your eyes,
I'd see them dance with merriment
while your lips hold a smile.
Your heart is oh, so young,
yet it has now been touched by fear.
So who am I to take away
your dreams you hold so dear?

If I could protect you from pain,
I wonder if I should?
For you, there is so much to gain,
not just by beiong good!

You're going to trip so many times,
your knees will often bleed.
The tears you weep as you stand up
is proof you will succeed!
Your 'so-called friends' won't hang around
too long without reward,
but love is strong, so strong, in fact,
it's not a lonesome word.

If I could, I'd re-run my life,
home movies would you see.
For once I was young, just like you
and baby, did I dream!

But when reality checked in,
an unexpected guest,
the hotel rooms were crowded,
all at once I felt bereft!
As all my childhood friends
soon walked away, each hand-in-hand.
'Twas when I saw the back of them,
I came to understand.

If I could I'd hold you in time,
the time left just for me.
So selfish am I, in this sense,
my love is guaranteed.

Now, can you really understand
I'm in another place?
The values I hold close to me
were gifted through God's grace.
Science proves our D.N.A.
through genes of ancestors.
So I can reassure you now,
love's not a lonesome word.

Veronica Cressey. I live in Perth, Western Australia. I an an Irish Citizen,born in Cork, Southern Ireland. I have been married for 38 years. We have been blessed with 2 daughters and a son, we also have 3 grandsons.

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