Three Strands
by lynn gipson

Standing alone against the wall
Pride goeth before the mighty fall
A weary man can't find his place
Evil then attacks it's prey

Walking through the world alone
Terror in his soul as one
Loner's heart beats fearfully
Spirit cries out tearfully

Enemies line up to call
On he who stands alone at all
Fighting ever viciously
Tearing at him ruthlessly

Suddenly from heaven's floor
A loving woman comes ashore
Where one was standing all alone
Now are two and twice as strong

Evil now must stand back
Twice the powerful attack
One is easy, two are harder
Satan retreats into his harbor

No longer is the one alone
Two have made the union strong
Vows of love and honor follow
Standing before God's alter

Twice the strands the cord is stronger
Strife and weakness are no longer
Two now stand together as one
Fear and agony, they are gone

Now comes into play the third strand
God in heaven does command
The first two cords of this new life
A repented man and his wife

God joined together this woman and man
Bound to each other by two strands
The third one makes the bond unbroken
For it is God's, and he has spoken

One alone can be easily attacked
Two together can fight back
Three even better, with our Lord
For three strands cannot be easily torn.

I am a 61 year cancer survivor just recently become a writer. I write short stories, articles and poems of Christian or Spritual nature.

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