Come to Jesus
by Norma-Anne Hough

You are driving home. To be honest, you should have left the party hours ago!
Yet that new lady from accounts department, was so funny and amusing, time slipped by. You are aware that you are over the limit; whose going to know anyway, after all you took the back road. Suddenly a violent storm breaks! The thunder crashes with lightening flashing. The car goes into a skid and lands in a culvert. By some miracle you are able to climb out the car. Your journey home now begins!

Panic sets in as you are frightened. You've heard so many stories about this part of the country, hi-jacking and assaults. You run blindly and soon are lost.
You see a bush and you crawl under for protection. Tears pour down your face as you assess your situation.

He has been watching you for some time. In fact you could perhaps say He planned this! He has already dispatched angels to keep you safe.

Suddenly you remember stories heard long ago in Sunday School. You enjoyed them so much, in fact you loved church when you were growing up. Then slowly you were drawn away.

"Jesus, please help me! I am lost." You call out.

You feel a presence. He is right beside you. Gently He lifts you up and carries you in His arms.

This above scenario applied to me many years ago. I was lost, having been brought up in a family that went to church, I knew the way. Yet the way of the world seemed so enticing. Surely I could have some fun and then when I was too old to party, i would then go back to church!

Jesus tells us all to come to Him. He invites the rich, poor, sick, healthy, lovely and unlovely to come to Him. He knows your situation and He understands far better than anybody else. There is no sin too awful or bad that cannot be forgiven. He gave His life for You. He loves you with an ever-lasting love. He wants you to come as you are. No need to get all dressed up and smart. Just heed His call. You don't have to be the brainiest person alive, heed His call.

He is standing at the door of your heart. Won't you please open it and let Him in?

I live in East London, South Africa. Have three grown-up daughters. I love to write. Have been involved in christian couselling. My other intersts are my animals,my garden, reading and I look after those in our body who need help. I plan to publish a devotional this year.
(c) Norma Hough 2008

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