Truth must cross the holiness barrier
by Kon Michailidis

"You shall be holy to Me for I your Lord am holy" Leviticus 20:26 ESV
Authentic, real living is not possible without holiness. Truth, which defines reality, must cross the holiness barrier before it becomes real truth - it must become holy truth. Just as God's love is a holy love, so God's truth is a holy truth.
So much contemporary Christianity parades itself as authentic or real or natural or 'not religious' and 'Jesus only'; but it is false at its core because it has not squared up to the holiness of God.
We are so afraid to ask the real questions. We must ask "What must I do as a believer to be holy, to live a holy life?" That is the force of that declaration by God "You shall be holy".
It is not a legalistic question. It is not asking "how can I be 'holier than thou'?". Being 'holier than thou' is about pride. True holiness will always involve humility, love, mercy- and truth.
Are we real? Is our life authentic before God? Are we holy? Or is our truth just the world's truth, tweaked with a bit of Jesus philosophy.

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