Feminist and Feminista
by Helen Murray

Angelique the feminist had battles on her hands.
She marched with suffragettes along a dozen deferent Strands.
She spoke out loud and clear about unequal wages paid,
And why a women couldn't then invest in real estate.

Angelica Feminista studied all her strides,
And said "We can go further. We'll climb up the tall hillsides.
We'll stand on top of these great hills and take the menfolk down.
We do not need them anyway apart from their seed sown.

Angelique looked overseas and saw that, in despair,
The women folk were suffering far more than their fair share.
Burned in their husbands' funeral pyres and battered slaves at home,
She worked among those sisters so that she could save just some.

Angelica decided that men had it all too good.
Her armies found their secret hideouts, stomped on them, and shook.
They captured male fortresses of work and social life,
Demanding that they take the crown in each detail of strife.

Angelique found prostitutes who never had a chance,
And brought them to a freedom where they could, delighted, dance!
She struggled for the girls who must take female circumscision,
And still she fights to save her sisters from such male derision.

Angelica found many tricks to persuade other peoples
That women are greatly superior to males of the species.
She talked at length until they thought indeed she must be right.
He voice was loud and getting louder, screaming through the night.

While Angelique worked hard to find the women in distress,
And change the laws to show the world that love could change the mess,
And women, educated, kind, could lift the bar for all,
Especially for children suffering justice must now rule,

Angelica marched on to stomp on male privilege,
Unite the lesbians and spread the tale that they were equal - plus,
That equal rights meant 50% of women everywhere,
Must be preferred to brilliant men for opportunities shared.

Angelica and Angelique met in the bar one day.
Angelica asked Angelique for an experimental roll in the hay!
"We must work together sister, don't you understand
We all have rights to be the way we like?". She flashed her hand.

"Women now have evolved to be the rulers of this earth.
It's natural. Oh don't you see? " Outburst of raucous mirth!
Angelique could not believe what her sister had proposed,
And, horrified, fell backwards, for she truly had supposed

That sisters all were gentle and of just one single mind,
To offer kindness, faithfulness, and a caring, generous hand.
She never could imagine how the rule of life became
"A woman dominates her man, and bullies just the same."

She saw the very family life she wanted to reclaim
Was being torn down by women taking on the role of men,
And menfolk, newly single, from their children ostracised,
While feministas gave the men the chores they now despised!

She soon discovered the verbal abuse slapped on the minds of our
People who dared to argue with the feminist TOWER OF POWER!
So Angelique and distant cousin Angelica turned then
Opposition. Angelique now stood in defence of Men!

Meanwhile, big business carried on ignoring government ways.
They bought up all the indigenous land and sold it overseas
They mined the farms and bought the food from other lands these days,
And said, when questioned re the cost, "It's always (l)user pays!

Grandmother, teacher, bushlover, horse-lover, gardener, poet ("Poetry with Punch" published by Tate Publishers and available in electronic form on Amazon) and passionate person, especially about Jesus.

Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.com


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