why moses and joshu killed cannaites?

Some people think that killing of Canaanites in bible is wrong.

But we must take some factors as considering before taking decisions . Moses and Joshua killed all people for following

1.They are evil people. So moses cleaned them

2. They occupied god's promised land. So josua free their land.

3. killing the inhabitants after capturing the city is accepted practice on that days. So moses and josua is not a war criminals.

4. Since Moses and Joshua captured the people , they had right on them.

5. moses and Josua killed everyone in the city to save from future rebels and wars.

6. Since the natural resources are difficult to get and store on that days, moses and josua killed them to prevent famine and drought.

7. josua tried to make the world evilless by killing the people who prayed to other gods.

In some places moses and josua spare the virgins from death. This shows their merciful mind.

King Knight

Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.com


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