Time Out
by PamFord Davis

"Johnny, you know you should not talk back to your teacher! I'm sending you to the corner for a time out." Teachers of today, have strict orders to follow, regarding discipline of rebellious children. School boards have banned corporal punishment. Time out from activities, and away from friends is the standard punishment. Time out, allows the rebellious ample time, to repent and renew his or her resolve to submit to authority.

Moses sentenced Miriam to time out. She and brother, Aaron had rebelled against the authority of God's servant, their brother, Moses. As one unclean with leprosy, she needed to be under quarantine. God told Moses to send her outside the camp for seven days. God as judge found her guilty and sentenced her to separation. "Let her be shut up for seven days outside the camp, and afterward she may be received again (Numbers 12:14b NAS)." The Lord receives and restores.

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