The red wagon and following Jesus
by Janet Riley

How many of us, when we were small, had a wagon that we pulled around with toys in it, or took turns riding in it and pulling it? Are we pulling a red wagon behind us as we try to follow Jesus?

I had a wagon full of objects and overflowing with papers. There were clothes in it I had not worn for over a year. Books I kept planning to give away. Boxes with stuff I moved across country and wondered why I paid to move it. Papers that needed organizing.

Fear and anxiety were big rocks in the wagon. To combat them, I placed money and possessions in the wagon for security.

The wagon gets stuck in the mud at the side of the road when it is full of heavy rocks and security blankets. Then we get stuck in the mud at the side of the road trying to move the wagon and its heavy load.

Are we only willing to follow Jesus when we have objects in that wagon that made us feel secure? Is security in Jesus or objects in the wagon? Can we trust Jesus to take our burdens and not drag them behind us in a red wagon?

When we begin our journey we do not have a wagon with us. We leave the wagon behind when we make the transition to our eternal home. Can we leave the wagon behind us now and follow Jesus? Trust while He leads us on new paths and adventures? On ways we could not follow if we are stuck at the side of the road with the heavy red wagon?

(C) Janet Riley, 2014. I know God as a personal God who communicates with us, if we listen. I am starting on a Christian writing career and open to where God leads me. Please review my other articles at FaithWriters. I would like to hear from you. Please email at [email protected]

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