Inner Healing
by Tesse Wilson

You are still hurting
Like the Good Samaritan
I cannot see you, pass by and not offer help to you
Let me touch you where it hurts
Deep inside
The pain you hide
I am God and I see
The fears that keep you from drawing closer to me
The things that keep you from becoming more like me
I see the tears
Let me touch you and heal your pain
My child, come
Step into the healing flow of my presence
And be made whole

Now is the time to
Remove all the baggage
Remove all weights
With my anointing I break the bands that hold you
I remove the shackles that limited you
I break the yoke and lift the burdens
I am delivering you
I am placing my hands
Deep down inside of you
The childhood memories that haunt you
Regrets and past mistakes, failures
Broken heart, confused mind
The scars
I go pass the charade
To the center, the source of your pain
I speak a word of healing
To quicken you
Deep down inside of you
My word is penetrating deep down inside of you to
Your soul
I comfort you
I am restoring deep down inside of you

I am the Balm of Gilead
Perpetual flow of healing
Would you be made whole?
My healing virtue flows
Would you be made whole?
It is my will to make you whole

Press through your fears
Trample on your pride
I am Jesus, the Christ
I set you free

By Tesse Wilson
[email protected]

All good gifts come from the Lord. Tesse is happy to be gifted by the Lord to write. It is her prayer that her writings will bless, encourage and inspire others. Thank God for his Spirit who gives inspiration and his grace which enables her. 

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