my last poem
by sethabela l JACOB

this is my last poem to the world
this is my last hand writting
this is my final message as a poet
and by that i say so long

so long my friends bwcause i can no longer write more
so long my friends coz my journey as a poet ends her because
i have tryed to express myself to the world but now i think is time for me to be an introvet
poeple judge me
poeple terrorise me for the way i feel
poeple turn me to a puppy because of what they think
and none of them cares about how i feel
when i write
poeple turn to judge before they can put themselves in my shoes and for that i am enough
when i write
poeple turn to think that i wrote because i want them to feel pity for me that is why they pretend to be feeling what i feel
and for that
i cannt take it anymore
i cant take it anymore
before i bust
before i do things that i would later regret
let me end it here
and for that i say


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