A World With Out God
by Stephen Vattimo

A breaking news around the world, God is dead! It has been broad casted over and over again,in the media,in the market place. No one attended His funeral,or wake. He was buried in a unmarked grave. But around the world all the nations are celebrating His demise. The philosophers around the world are proclaiming a new age of social evaluations,and a new age of unity for all man kind.
Now their are small pockets in societies that are around the world that still report an occasional God sighting, just like Elvis fans have the sighting of their fallen hero.
But the world only has to evaluate these followers action,to see that these sighting are just hoaxes.
Now that we are past fairy tales,how long must we wait for man to put away primitive behavior,like war,oppression,bigotry, poverty,pestilence,crime.
If there were no God all along,who prevented the human race from falling under the world rule of dark governments , like Nazism,Communism, where groups of people were deemed vermin to humanity,and were put in death camps.
Now that God is dead, and the gates to our social evaluation are no longer chained up by a belief in God,why has the suffering of humanity worsen to the point of inability to survive.
I believe the reason is, because when a world ceases to acknowledge God and give Him thanks. They take all the honor and glory that belong to God, and claims it for them selves,then the healing,and provision,and protecting hand of God,turn into the hand of judgement and cursing.
The human race will never be able to reach or creat the promise land,as long as God remains dead in their hearts.

Written Stephen J. Vattimo January 16, 2011


Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.com


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