A article 2012, God's Or Man's View .
by Stephen Vattimo

The new rave that is sweeping the world, is the dooms day date December 21 2012. Most of these false prophet are predicting that the sun or a meter is going to change life on Earth as we know it. Now I am not going to waste time resiting all the theories or predictions, remember we are suppose to be running out of time.
The reason I don't buy into these dooms day predictions is because they are being made by people who do not believe in the God who created the universe and who orchestrate the events that take place in it.
Instead they believe that the universe started with a random death of a star, and will end by a random accident like a firestorms on the sun or a giant meter that will crash into the earth.
Instead of the end of the world being caused by God who will bringing the end of the world by poring out His judgement upon a sin cursed world,on behalf of the rebellious and unrepentant human race.
So that after God judges the Devil and his fallen angles, and the unrepentant part of man kind, He will create a new heaven and a new earth, were the redeemed part of man through faith in Christ, will dwell with with God in perfect fellowship forever.

Here are a few scenarios I think could take place in 2012

A world war between the Muslim and non Muslim nations.

A world world war over shortage of food and energy resources.

The end of The United States as A world power.

The beginning of a one world government,that will do away with anyone who will resist it's rein.

The second coming Of Jesus, who will meet His faithful follower in the air, to take them to His Heavenly kingdom.
This will start God's judgement upon the world populations who refuse to give God obedience and tribute.

These are just educated scenarios, not predictions .

What ever happens God will protect His own.
I think it would be wise to read the book of Revelation (last book in the Bible), to find out what going to happen in the last day according to God's predictions,and shut your eyes and ears to false prophet who are trying to make a buck off of you, by selling things to you to help you be prepare for an event that will never take place.

Written By Stephen J. Vattimo May 14 2011


Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.com


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