Are Your Feet Ready To Leave The Ground?
by Stephen Vattimo

The sands of time are running low.
Love has grown cold.
The storm clouds of hostility are growing bold.
The scroll of God's Judgement is beginning to be unrolled.

If your eye are blind to the truth.
If your heart is cold toward the lord.
There is still hope for you.
Cry out to the God to save your soul.

Are you ready ?

Christ is coming in the sky.
Christ's glory will pierce the stormy clouds.

The Archangel Gabriel's horn will sound.
God's children's feet will leave the ground.

The Groom has come to claim His bride.
To whisk her away,to the wedding feast of the lamb.

The sands of time in the hour glass is running low.
The clouds of deception are trying to block out the light of the truth.
Don't believe the lie, that Christ will not come back.

Are you ready to go?
Are your feet ready to leave the ground?

When The Archangel Gabriel's horn will sound.
When Christ's glory will piece the storm sky,
When Jesus will come back.

Are you ready to go?

You don't want to stay around,
when the scroll of God's judgment beginning to be unrolled.

Written by Stephen J.Vattimo Feb 9, 2011

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