by Dennis Van Scoy

The horrible massacre of December 14th at the Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown Connecticut will always be remembered as a tragic and heartbreaking act that forever altered the lives of hundreds of families and sent shockwaves throughout this nation. At the very least it was a despicable act of evil targeting the innocents of our society, and our hearts and prayers should be directed to the loved ones of each and every victim.

At this moment psychiatrists, counselors, politicians, journalists, law enforcement and numerous other professionals everywhere are scrambling to reason out the root cause of such a heinous act of sociopathic rage when the answer is in reality a clear and obvious indictment against the moral condition of our very culture..a culture of death.

The liberal commentators will try to affix the blame for this murderous act on inadequate gun legislation or insufficient social programs, but guns cannot kill without human direction and social programs will never be able to permanently alter the direction of the human heart. Everywhere we look in our society we see a wall of self appeasement, godless rebellion and disrespect for human life. Hollywood cranks out movies of ever-increasing gore and prolific bloodshed. Video games center around killing and destruction without conscience or thought. But the single most egregious component and centerpiece to all of this is the "shedding of innocent blood", the killing of the defenseless for our own convenience or entertainment. This is the national mindset resulting from our selfish rebellion from the God who created us and allowed our country to come into being in the first place. Our founding fathers had it right when they followed "In God We Trust" and set this nation to be a beacon for the world, but we keep distancing ourselves from our God who has been the foundation of moral principles, choosing instead the mindset of death despite God's explicate instructions(Deuteronomy 30:18).

We'll continue to try inexhaustible programs toward rehabilitating violent offenders and altering the human heart, while counterproductively producing violent entertainmentand murdering the innocent unborn in the womb, but it's like pushing both ends of a stalled car at the same time while the tow-truck driver watches in dismay. Only our Creator God can permanently transform any human heart and cause us to turn from the culture of death (Ezekiel 11:19).

As repulsive and heartbreaking as the tragedy in Connecticut was, simply put these situations will only escalate until our society degenerates into chaos and cannibalism. We have a written prescription for a cure to this vortex of evil, it can be found in the Biblical words of: 2 Chronicles 7:14. We need to go back to the godly insights of our country's founding fathers. Instead of trying to eliminate God from our culture, we need to once again turn to Him and allow Him to evoke change in America ONE HEART AT A TIME. Let's all seek Him while there is yet time (Jeremiah 29:13 and Matthew 7:7-8).

Dennis Van Scoy Sr, is a retired police officer turned Christian, freelance writer. He has been married for 27 years, has 5 adult children, 4 adut step-children, 23 grandchildren and ten great grandchildren.

Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.com


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