Near-Death Experiences as Evidence for the Existence of God and Heaven
by sana edoja

Are you skeptical about near-death experiences? Get challenged and read J Steve Miller "Near Death Experiences".

I found his book well researched and documented. I'm not a scientist but the way Steve wrote his book kept me hooked until the end. I challenged myself to read the Appendix and the end notes as I wanted to know more about near-death experiences (NDE).

Steve has compiled his own research with those of well-known neurological surgeons. His findings are reliable as he compares the naturalistic, psychological, physiological and materialistic explanations.

Before reading Steve `book, I heard a few stories about near-death experiences. I'm a Christian. I thought it wasn't possible to come back from death in this world. Steve Miller' book proved me wrong.

Can near-death Experiences offer compelling evidence God and Heaven exist? The face to face interviews with NDErs had a strong impact on the researchers. Those interviews convinced them of life after death.

* A few years ago, I met a man who told me of having a hellish and heavenly experience when he was in a coma after having a serious car accident. This short trip to the other world led him to believe strongly in God.
* I also read the book of a sick lady who shared her experience with the heavenly realm.
* A work colleague told me of having a near-death experience after a car accident. She told me her experience led her to read Robert Moody's "Life after Life".

Did I believe in near-death Experiences before reading Steve `book? I was skeptical!!!

J Steve Miller book "Near Death Experiences" taught me that more than thousands of people across the world had a near-death experience. Can you believe a few skeptical researchers having an NDE!!!

Most NDErs didn't believe in life after death before their "NDE". The NDErs made drastic changes in their lives after their NDE. They realized the importance of love in relationships rather than material things. They understood their life choices had a lasting effect on themselves and others.

To conclude, I recommend you read J Steve Miller book "Near Death Experiences" if you don't believe God or Heaven exists. This book might change drastically your beliefs!!!


Sana Edoja

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