by sana edoja

Matthew 11:28 "Then Jesus said, "Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest".

Are you suffering from bullying? Do you lack confidence? Do you feel misunderstood? "The Seventh Dimension The door": a magical fairytale of redemption will sooth and heal your broken heart.

Shale Snyder is longing to be accepted in a world that has become too hostile for her. A few days later, Shale is led to another spiritual world where she faces the enemies of her soul. Loveable animal's characters befriend Shale and bring her to an extraordinary king.

Will the king' love be strong enough to rebuild the shattered pieces of this heroine? Will his powerful words strong enough to help Shale overcome her insecurities?

The author, Lorilyn Roberts, wrote a well-researched novel. Hats off to Lorilyn!!! She succeeded in adapting the famous Gospel of Jesus Christ into a more modern and contemporary way.

To conclude, "Seventh Dimension The Door" left me with an avid appetite to read more.

You can buy Lorilyn Roberts' book "The Seventh Dimension The door" by visiting the linkS below:

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