The Light House
by Stephen Vattimo

There once was a world that was engulfed in darkness,
by heavy clouds of tyranny, and social oppression.

Across a great ocean, in a new discovered land,
some dreamers share a vision , of a land removed from the clouds of darkness.

So they labored together , to build a light house,who's light of liberty and justice ,
would shine freely on every one in the land.

That every one who receives the light, will have freedom to chart their own course of their destiny.

The dreamers constructed their light house using bricks made of the substance of:
Fear of God, love of one's neighbor, high morals, integrity, sacrifice, perseverance,
courage, hard work.

People from far away lands, boarded vessels of air and sea, to escape their countries that are enslaved by the darkness, to start a new life in the land of light, and freedom.

Through out the life of the light house, many storm have rage against it's structure,
yet it's light of hope never went out.

As the light house aged, it's bricks became brittle, So it's keepers began to replace the original bricks with new one, that made of the substance of: Apathy toward God and His Word,envy, self indulgent, immorality, slothfulness.

When the storms beat against the reconstructed light house,
the new bricks crumbled,and the structure was reduced to rubble,
and the light of liberty and justice went out.
The clouds of tyranny and social oppression, returned and engulfed the world.

written by Stephen J. Vattimo April 3, 2009

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