Am I Ready for Some...No, Not Football, CRITIQUING?!!

Dear Jesus,

I joined a Christian website,, and am so excited to combine the writing skills you gave me with my passion for you!

I wrote a Valentine's letter to you and after writing my second article, I submitted it for critiquing. Am I nuts? Only my second article and I already want critiqued?? Talk about going out on a limb and making myself vulnerable!

Being critiqued is downright scary Lord! I am swallowing the fear and doing it anyway. I want my writing to be the best it can be, to serve you. I want to be an instrument that you, oh Lord, mold and shape to reach whoever you have in your plan to reach. Words are so powerful.

I trust you will be sending me the exact critics of your choice. I know you will choose the right people to help me grow in my spiritual writing journey.

My job is to submit (my writing and to your will!) My biggest obstacle to overcome is my pride. I will look at every critique for my remaining life as a learning opportunity.

Thank you for everything Jesus, especially my hands to type with, my think pad and the creative side of my personality!



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