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by geoff anderson

(The audience can imagine the male character if you don't have someone scruffy enough with long hair!)

A: Just look at him.

B: I'd rather not.

A: I don't know: he might be all right if he cut his hair.

B: It's people like him who give young people a bad name.

A: I dare you to ask him to come to church on Sunday!

B: It'd be a waste of time.

A: You're right. Some people don't want to be saved.

B: You can tell just by looking at them.

A: Hold on, he's leaving.

B: No he's not, he's coming over here!(B hides her face in her hands as the young man walks past; A's gaze follows him)

A: It's all right, he's gone. (picks up sheet of paper) He left this.

B: What's it say? Is it really disgusting?

A: "Would you like to meet Jesus? Come to a special Mission Service at St Saviour's this Sunday at 6.30. Guest preacher Johnny Williams." And there's a picture. Look.

B: Its HIM.

A: Yeah. And we thought -

B: Actually, you know, his hair makes him look a bit like Jesus.

English. Masters in French. Retired parish priest. Associate Writer with Redemptorist Publications (Anglican Dept). Also published in Church Times and BBC 'Book of the Future'. UK tour manager of Russian Orthodox 6-person choir. Works copyright of Geoff Anderson in perpetuity. Contact [email protected]

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