Testing Times
by Stephen Vattimo

Testing times

Some trials come into our lives like a wind that rustles leaves in a

Some trials come into our lives like a hurricane that uproots trees

Testing times

Like a spy who reveals to the enemy the strengths or weaknesses
of the walls of a fortress

So does the way we handle the trials in our lives
reveal to The Prince of this world whether the walls of our faith are
strong or are weak

Testing times

Trials are like an armed bandit
Who robs the wicked man of years of his life

But to the righteous man they are a school master
of wisdom and a builder of faith

Trials test the substance that love between two people is made of
like fire burning off the impurities in a piece of gold

Silent Songs: written by Stephen J. Vattimo
Sept 13, 1998


Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.com


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