by Samuel Akinola

Slash! The thorny whips struck down on mortal flesh and snaked into the air again in split second; with chunk of human flesh cut with blood thrown into the bloody air. The man yelled aloud, gravely pains choking his very soul; haze clouding his blooded vision. The helmeted men with vicious streak continued hammering down and down on the chained man, cutting his flesh over and over again, his blood splashing and spraying on their murderous beings; flowing every like little pool increasing every now and then. Weeping and lamenting filled the sad air, women and sympathetic men gathered about the vicious soldiers watching their inglorious soldiery on the good man already declared 'Innocent of all charges' bearded priests levied against him! Satiated with their ghoulish appetite they unchained the unfortunate man, drenched in his own blood, with tattered flesh torn nearly apiece by the thorny whips of scourge of the mocking soldiers. Writhing in unbearable agony, the innocent man had his head crowned with crown of thorns forced on him by the vicious Roman soldiers. His ordeal was by no means over, with a wooden cross on him that two men would have to heave with grunting away the soldiers led him; hastening him with whipping and slaps. The good Lord continued amid hundreds of people at the guiding and leading of the vicious Roman soldiers, bearing his cross for the iniquity of the world courageous to nail them all on the hill of Golgotha. Women weeping after him, but the good Lord would by no means curse the humans, his betrayed heart filled with sympathy for them that he had to say "Women, weep for yourselves and your children, for the day is coming when they will say to the mountains fall on us and to the hills hide us from the face of the one who sat on the throne." The lord continued with his cross to Golgotha at the hastening whips of the vicious soldiers, pity for the sinful world hitherto condemned to eternal death battering his betrayed heart. He said to himself, "Soon, very soon, I will end their sin and pay for their debt on the hill of Golgotha." With this resolution, the lord hoisted the heavy wooden cross on him properly; and increased his pace with the cross, carrying the debt of the world to pay for them with his blood and life on the Roman cross!
By Samuel Olusegun Akinola

"Who is Jesus? What made him peculiar than ordinary human or prophet? These and more are baffling questions that is still baffling the world until date. Ancient and modern theories about the identity of Jesus Christ abound aplenty. Some totally took Jesus as myth that never existed in real history, proving with all they could that Christ never walked this earth (a mythological character invented by early Jesus supporters)."

'Powers In The Heavenly' portrayed the powers of God, His dealings with humankind as the Creator, Designer and Father and His prophecies for the world. 'Powers In The Heavenly answered the question 'Who Is Jesus?'Revealed the mystery behind his teachings, told of his divine nature, the lies behind the conspiracies against him, taught the truth against the obnoxious speculations asserted by 'Christ Myth' conspirators. 'Powers In The Heavenly' Revealed the true identify of the forces of darkness, their deceptions, mysteries of their kingdoms, their powers in controlling millions of lives on earth, their secretes in heavenly places and their defeat and ultimate fate in God's Eternal plan.

In "POWERS IN THE HEAVENLY" Mysteries shroud the universe and span across the galaxies. Beyond the realm of humanity are the immortals, age from age they have been living, divided into forces of good and forces of evil. With the Holy Spirit upon me, according to the direction of the Supreme One of heavens and the earth, it become necessary to write to the world the Powers that be, powers that reigns in heavenly places.

Powers In The Heavenly by Samuel Akinola,
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Samuel Akinola is a gifted writer, novelist/poet, graphic artist and called into an office of Prophet. He has written many articles, books, and novels. He lives in Nigeria, working passionately for Christ

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