A New Day
by Cinda Carter

Dear Lord,
As I take time to pray...
I just want to say,
I love you more each new day.

You are my everything...
I just want to sing,
Of Your goodness and love.
For what You have done.

You sent Your Son, Jesus Christ...
Satan didn't give up without a fight.
Jesus hung on the cross and took our place.
He did it out of unconditional love for our sake.

With Jesus on the right hand of Heaven's Throne...
God made it possible so, we could belong.
When we repent, acknowledge Christ and ask for forgiveness,
Then we are adopted into the family of God under His grace.

Thank you Lord for Your mercy on us...
We were lost; You found away to give trust.
Jesus is the Savior of our souls,
He is our foundation to our Salvation.

With a new day at hand...
It is on God's word I stand.
Bring us back to the absolutes in life,
What is right in God's sight.

Help us to remember it is because of You...
That we can be grateful too.
With each new day we approach our goal,
To be more like our Father whom we adore.

The challenge...
That God gives us a balance,
In our lives while we pray.
By giving God the glory for "A New Day"

Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.com


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