Pioneers of Faith
by Cinda Carter

Our old testament characters,
Their faith to be admired of what was required.
The pioneers of faith those who all had to wait,
For the promise of God to come, the promise of His Son.

There was Abraham: The father of the nation
And the beginning of a new generation.
He was a friend of God who he trusted and knew,
It was a whole new beginning for the Jews.

Isaac: A promised son,
This is where it all began.
Rebecca was his wife,
She bore two sons and gave life.

Jacob: One of the twins... Esau was the other with sin.
Jacob was a trickster, with a mixture of God's love,
And discipline from above.
It took years to deliver him from fear.

Joseph: To his father he was closest.
He was lost and then found.
A nation was saved and who was bound,
To a loving God so near, to these our Pioneers.

Moses: It was God who was to choose a leader of the Jews.
God used him to part the Red Sea so, his people would believe.
Not only a leader but a servant to God; through the wilderness he did trod.
Through God he would bring salvation and bless His nation.

There were many more before and who came after,
Through whom was revealed the Master.
The Christ to come,
The Only Begotten Son.

They believed but never received,
God's Promise first hand, but a land.
Filled with milk and honey,
A priceless jewel of plenty.

We here are Pioneers,
Just as our fore fathers were in past years.
It is His love that draws us near.
And who gives us our faith to help set the pace.

They were Pioneers of Faith...
But we today live under God's grace.
So, May God Bless in His Faithfulness as He gives you peace and rest.
Each of us who are also put to the test.

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