Wounded in the Battlefield...Count it all Joy
by Cinda Carter

There are times that we need to stick to the fight,
And stand up for what is right,
Not what is right in our own eyes,
But from God's point of view in Jesus Christ.

There are times that we simply need to stand our ground,
No matter how foolish to others it may sound.
There's other times we need to confront
Those who are out to make fools of us, those who are on the hunt.

In any case...
There is a place
That we can go,
To the One Who loves us so...

When wounded in the battlefield.
Then we know that it is to Him that we must yield.
Jesus said, "That we would be in the world but not of this world,"
For it is Jesus Christ Who is our Lord.

There will come a time when you are wounded in the battlefield,
And in His righteousness on the day of redemption our spirit in Him will be revealed.
With God's love He will bind up your wounds so you can heal,
And the enemy will be defeated, when you are wounded in the battlefield.

"Count it all Joy!"

John 15:19; John 15:20

Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.com


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