How Do I Love Thee?
by Cinda Carter

How do I love Thee?...
Lovingly or begrudgingly.

How do I love Thee?...
With a willing heart or in my own efforts,
because I think I'm really smart.

How do I love Thee? ...
Because Christ gave His life for my salvation
or just out of obligation.

How do I love Thee?...
With the first fruits of my income
or do I give you what's left over and then some.

How do I love Thee?...
When I'm going through God's testing's
or just when He gives me His blessings.

How do I love Thee?...
Is it because I want something from You,
or is it because I want to remain true?

Let us examine ourselves on a regular basis.
And taste and see that the Lord is very gracious.
In His arms we find comfort from above.
He only wants to share His love.

Let us receive what He has for us.
In return we look to Him and trust.
It proves to Him that He is first in our lives.
It helps one to see the truth and delivers one from his foolish pride.
Cry aloud and He will deliver.
His mercy is just like the cleansing of a flowing river.

How do I love Thee?...
Only words cannot express
the love You have bestowed upon each of us.
In return I surrender my life and my all.
As I meditate upon God's Word, I will be listening for His call.

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