Are You There, Lord?
by Susan Gurney

Oh, Jesus, I know
You're always with me--
Lighting the High Road
When my tendency
Is to take the Low.
I know You love me
And want the best for me...
But sometimes,
Too often, I fear,
The doubts creep in--
The fears take over--
And I feel so alone...
Those are the times
I wish You still walked the earth
And I could touch
The hem of Your robe
And be healed...
But then I read
Your precious Word,
And its promises reassure:
You are even closer than a touch, Lord--
You live within my heart!

Susan Gurney writes devotionals, poetry, short stories, memoirs, and nonfiction on family history, faith and nature. She has experience writing/editing church and family newsletters. Find Susan at      Copyright 2013 Susan Simons Gurney

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