Life Is One Big Puzzle!
by Susan Gurney

Read Psalm 139:1-18

" thy book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them." Psalm 139:16b

Occasionally in my work as a preschool teacher, a child comes to me with a wooden jigsaw puzzle, the pieces stacked in a jumble on top. "Teacher, I don't know how to put this together! Help me!" cries the child. If it is a puzzle I've never seen before, I feel like taking it to someone else to assemble, even if there are only a total of eight or ten pieces! Jigsaw puzzles have always been difficult for me, especially when there is no picture to go by.

Life is a lot like a jigsaw puzzle for most of us--a puzzle in which there is not a final picture to follow in putting together the thousands of fragments. Sometimes the pieces of our lives just don't seem to go together as smoothly, or pleasantly as we'd like them. We are always wondering, too, just how ARE the pieces suppose to fit together, anyway?! --And what about those terrible "ugly" pieces--do they really belong in OUR puzzle?!

I'm glad that God holds the master picture or "blueprint" for the puzzle of each of our lives. He not only knows how all the pieces of your life fit together now and in the future--but He held your completed puzzle in His hands even before you were conceived in your mother's womb! What assurance! None of us have to worry about getting the puzzle pieces of our life put together wrong. We aren't doing it alone! Our Creator, who knows each of us intimately, is there to guide us along the way--with His Word, His Spirit, and His Love as revealed through His Son, Jesus Christ. All we need to do is rest in His peace, and trust Him to help make our individual life pictures turn out as beautiful and complete as He planned.

Susan Gurney writes devotionals, poetry, short stories, memoirs, and nonfiction on family history, faith and nature. She has experience writing/editing church and family newsletters. Find Susan at      Copyright 2013 Susan Simons Gurney

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