Watch Out For Those Noisy Stones!
by Susan Gurney

Read Luke 19:37-40

"'I tell you,' he (Jesus) replied, 'If they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.'" Luke 19:40 (NIV)

In the movie "Gigot", Jackie Gleason plays the title role of a destitute mute who befriends and cares for a homeless little girl and her mother. At one point in the movie Gigot and the little girl--who has obviously never been in a church--enter a large and beautiful cathedral. The girl is full of questions, wondering aloud what people do in this place. Gigot pantomimes the act of prayer, and gestures first to the statue of Mary with baby Jesus, and then to the statue of the crucified Christ. The girl asks more and more questions. Gigot becomes frantic in his desire to express to the child who God and Jesus are, gesturing madly from one statue to the other. He tries desperately to speak, to tell the child she is loved by God, to tell of his own faith, but his attempts are futile. The child finally pats his hand, and looks with love at the kind mute. Suddenly the audience knows that the child IS aware of God's love, because Gigot has been a living testimony of that love all along.

I am not mute, but do I often remain silent when I should be praising God aloud for His mercies and blessings? I can speak, but are there still those around me that are going through life not knowing God because I'm not sharing Him with them? Perhaps even more importantly, am I living my life so others can see God in my actions?

Yes, God CAN make even the stones cry out in praise and testimony of His love. But I think He would rather hear such praise from us--both through our words AND our deeds!

Susan Gurney writes devotionals, poetry, short stories, memoirs, and nonfiction on family history, faith and nature. She has experience writing/editing church and family newsletters. Find Susan at      Copyright 2013 Susan Simons Gurney

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