Watch and Pray
by Cinda Carter

Watch and Pray...
Through each new day.
The enemy seeks one to devour.
Help us Lord, to be faithful in prayer even for just one hour.

Yes, our flesh is weak...
The enemy will do everything to keep.
Our minds busy and doing all kinds of things.
Distractions in playing his game.

It's true with every Christian...
That knows our Lord Jesus, when we seek His wisdom.
The wisdom that is not of this world.
It is to give reverence to Jesus our Lord.

Yes, watch and pray...
So, we may overcome all temptations in this way.
We have victory through the blood of Christ.
The devil has no power over our lives.

When we watch and pray...
Trust our Lord Jesus in what to say.
He knows our hearts.
His children are set apart.

A peculiar people...
To stand strong in God's word, no longer feeble.
A prayer warrior that believes in what God says,
While we His people "Watch and Pray"

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