Coming out of Bondage
by Cinda Carter

Dear Lord, Help our blinded eyes to see...
The truth in God's word sets us free.
Open our ears to hear so, we may enter into Your rest
Instead of a heart of stone, give us a heart of flesh.

Open our mouth with a shout...
Let us believe in our hearts with out a doubt.
That faith comes by hearing God's word.
Work out our salvation with fear and trembling and in return.

Low and behold, through God's plan...
We have the promise of God so, we may enter the promised land.
In Christ we have the peace of God within.
He who delivers us from our sin.

The Lord Jesus our Master...
Promises us that He will look after.
All the needs of His people.
To be strong in the Lord, not to be feeble.

Let's commit to Jesus our lives...
His burden is easy, His load is lite.
He is the Lord who sets the captives free.
So, in the Holy Spirit of God we breathe.

Through the breath of God, let the Holy Spirit be released...
In Jesus Christ we are already made complete.
Let us speak the Word of God in faith,
Let the chains fall from around us with each step that we take.

Faith, hope, love in God takes us toward freedom...
Jesus Christ the Son of God to lean on.
Let go of anything that may bind us.
Be free at last by coming out of bondage.

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