My Fight
by Carlton Steele

My soul longs for your presence, My heart longs for your love
My walk is scary lord, I seek guidance from above
I cry often at night, Because that's when the devil comes
Then Starts my fight
I often give in, But my soul and heart tells me to stop
I turn around and do right,
But just when things are on the right path,
Here comes the devil, With his wrath,
My heart is fading,
But my strength comes from the lord,
So I'm crawling with my knees on the floor,Trying to follow my lord,
This battle isn't easy, I still have to continue my fight
Walk by faith not by sight, Lord pull me into the right the direction,
Like a kid with a kite,
Don't let me die with the wind,
SAVE ME LORD!!!! Don't let me get pinned
I'm trying to find my way home
On my last leg crawling to your throne

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Born and raised in New York, reside in Virginia. Carlton found his calling as a inspirational writer in 2011. Praising God and writing to save his people is my enjoyment.

A Joyful Noise
Carlton Steele
Copyright 2013 by Carlton Steele
Smashwords Edition

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