by sana edoja

Lord, Oh, Come into my heart!

Be exalted, Oh God!

You are a mighty God!

Your word never fails!

May Your word dwells,

So deep, Oh, So deep into my heart!

May You water Your wonderful promises

Planted in my heart!

Let the seeds of your wonderful promises become a beautiful tree!

With deep roots of love!

With deep roots of understanding!

With deep roots of insight!

With deep roots of wisdom!

Oh, Lord, I pray that You prevent the enemy,

And the worries of life

From uprooting this high and beautiful tree of unshakable Love!

I pray, Oh, God!

That you send Your rain of blessings

Upon that beautiful tree!

Let it be a shelter to those that are discouraged!

Let it be a shelter to those that do not know Your Love!

Let it be a shelter to those that need to rest from the troubles of life!

Let it be a tree that gives Strength and Health

To those that eat its fruits.

Oh, Lord, Send your refreshing wind!

Upon this beautiful tree!

Oh, Lord, send your rain of Blessings and Joy

Upon this beautiful tree!

You are a magnificent tree, Oh, Lord!!!

You are a shelter to those that are oppressed,

You refresh the soul of those that grow tired of following their own ways.

Oh, Lord, You are a beautiful tree of Health, everlasting life and unfailing love!!!

May this wonderful tree of Love become known to our aching and sorrowful world!!!

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