by Ramona Cook

Words are wonderful things; they create images for us to process quick understanding of what is being communicated. However, that process often fails to correctly or fully communicate.

The title of this article does not communicate the full intent of the subject about which comments will be made.

The word "Gamers" probably brought to your mind a computer and the talented, and time consumed, persons who play computer games. That image is not incorrect, those are called Gamers, but it is not that the intent of this article. I'm thinking more precisely about those who play games in other areas of life.

In truth, we can play games in every area of our existence and often win the game with people, but not with Father God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit. Those are Personages Whom we cannot outwit and Who also, incidentally, do not play games.

Once there was a man, in prison for murder, he had no family with the exception of two elderly cousins. The incarcerated man possessed great ability to persuade, a man of high intellect who had been a medical professional before his felony conviction. A lady came with a group of volunteer ministers to the prison. He had found a willing person to assist him with his needs of outside legal contacts. Hardly anyone thought he was guilty of his accused crime, so she helped him to get his case reopened and considered before the Court again.

Many were his demands of her and she was accommodating of most of those demands. She tested every demand made upon her with this rule; "Does this act injure anyone, is it immoral, or illegal?" If the answers were all "No" she then did as he requested.

Several months revealed the true character of the man. He compromised her safety by arranging a meeting with a murder who was no longer in prison. When she approached him with the fact requesting an apology, he made a statement that is ridiculous. He told her that if she as a Christian loved him, he would never have to say that he was sorry for anything. The man was convinced that he should never have to say that he is sorry to anyone who loved him on any level; however, he was terse and vindictive if anyone slighted him.

She later learned that the man had several mental health diagnoses attached to his medical record; one of them was Narcissism.

"What should she expect of a man in prison for murder?" That is a fair question.

It would be convenient if all the Narcissistic personalities were confined to the prisons, but they are not.

There was a Pastor's wife, living in The Manse, whose affirmation was that she did not need to confess her sins because of the love Jesus had for her. She said that the love of Jesus for her gave her automatic forgiveness. One could note that the same grace was not extended to many of the parishioners. "Heads I win; tails you lose," seems to be the motto of gamers.

There is a "grace" movement in the Church presently that teaches the same thing and it ignores the Scriptures which command us to live a holy life and to confess our sins when we have failed. Confession is to be made to God; and if the sins or sin is publicly known, then confession is to be made publically.

Can anyone really believe this 'no acknowledgement of sin' teaching? Not if they are reading the Scripture's in entirety! Is there something grossly wrong, such as perhaps spiritual Narcissism in many of the participants of our Churches?

Maybe they are Gamers; Gamers, about whom Jesus spoke that in the time of Judgment, He will say to those who play games, "I never knew you." "But Lord! We did many mighty works in Your name!" "Depart from Me you workers of iniquity, I never knew you." Matthew 7: 21- 23

"Love the Lord, your God, with all your heart and mind and strength, and love your neighbor as yourself." Matthew 22: 36 - 40
"IF you love Me," said Jesus, "you will keep my commandments; but IF you don't, you won't." John 14: 23 - 24

"Confess your sins one to another, so that you may be healed." James 5: 16

"If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us." I john 1: 8

"Our Father, Who art in Heavens forgive us our trespasses in the same way we forgive others." Matthew 6: 12

"IF we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness." I John 1: 9

(IF/THEN) If we do, then He will... If we confess our sins, then He will forgive them.

God has some Covenants with us that will be functional no matter what we do or do not do; but when the Scriptures say IF and the states or implies THEN, that Covenant is conditional on our action.

Gamers, this is a serious consideration for each one of us as a Christian.

Ramona: 06/12/2013

Ramona,  Master in Ministry Arts, BA in Biblical Studies, I am an Ordained Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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