To All Men Who Father Others
by Tesse Wilson

To All Men Who Father Others

A Father's love is so unique and special
It may not be pampering or overwhelming
Yet it is still nurturing
It inspires feelings of confidence and safety
Every child should feel and be safe in the arms of their Daddy
A Father, every home should have one
Every child and adult should experience the graceful love, care and protection of a Father

A Father's strength and abilities are always exaggerated in the eyes of their young son or daughter
They would boast My Daddy could do this and My Daddy could do that

Father, you are a symbol of strength and authority
You are a man with many roles, functions and responsibilities
You are the head of your home
You are the protector and provider
Unfortunately in most of society
You are only known for what you do
Please do not allow work to define you
Understand God's purpose in designing you
You are worth more than how much you have
You are worth more than how much you can give
You are worth more than how much money you make
You are invaluable

Uncles and Big Brothers
All men are called and have the potential to be a father
To protect, discipline, nurture and mentor others

We recognize you
We are ever grateful to you
We commend you for all you do
Here are some of the things your children and those you mentor appreciate about you
Your diligence in providing for their needs
The respect and love you give to their mothers
Your charming smile
The times you pat or gently stoke their backs
Your calm and cool disposition
Your encouraging words
Beach time, play time
The day you taught them to ride a bike
These and other memorable moments
Most important Father is the fact that you are always there for them

Father, where you have failed
The mistakes you have made
We pray to God, our wonderful heavenly Father to give you more grace
We pray for forgiveness and restoration
Because Fathers are key to the success of the family and the nation

Father you are a man of relationship
A lot has been entrusted in your care
That's why Father you must be a man of much Prayer, Patience, Faith and Power
Father you are an unsung hero
The wind beneath the wings of many
For you are and all you do
Father we bestow Honor upon you
Happy Father's Day to you
Daddy, Papa, Uncle and Big Brother

By Tesse Wilson
[email protected]

All good gifts come from the Lord. Tesse is happy to be gifted by the Lord to write. It is her prayer that her writings will bless, encourage and inspire others. Thank God for his Spirit who gives inspiration and his grace which enables her. 

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