by Ramona Cook

Maybe, just maybe it is because I have an active imagination; or maybe it is because I innately look for the purpose underling the things I see and experience; cause and effect.

I do not believe that anyone simply does some act of involved planning such as passing a Law on your own without Congress, as did the President of the United States when reportedly he has given himself the legal right to arrest American Citizens, without a warrant, and consequently to send them to Gitmo.

When there is no open discussion about these acts of the Government, there are of natural course questions to be asked. As American's we have the legal right to ask the questions. I am not accusing, I am using the method of reasoning to investigate "the why" of the reports I am reading.

As I understood the report that I heard, he also wanted to target American "enemy persons" for drone strikes within the United States. That desire which he had, as I heard the report, was refused to him. But then no one actually wanted the fantastic health care system either that was forced upon us by those who have also published a list of "Enemies" living within the United States.

If this list is accurate, there are about 8 groups on the list and on the top of the list is Evangelical Christians.

Who is my enemy? Who sees me as their enemy?

I do not consider myself the enemy of any person. I live a clean and law abiding life as a good Citizen of the United States. So where could the problem with me exist with any other "Citizen" of my Country, especially my government, that would cause them to put me on their list of suspicious persons?

What reason? It must be on the grounds of political and religious reasons which are two of the Rights guaranteed to us. Are we losing our freedoms?

I recall that the Nazis built fences around the neighborhoods of the Jews in Germany, in full view of their faces, telling them that they were building those fences to protect others from coming in to hurt them. The end result was that those bobbed wire fences captured the Jews inside those fences, like helpless animals.

I, as all other American Citizens, am naturally suspicious as to the reason why all of our communications are being "stored?"

No one goes to all this expense or magnitude of activity to just simply protect us from the foreign enemies of our Country, especially when it is evident that those from outside our country get privileges and preferential considerations from our government, even above us who are American born.

The data is reported to be able to store all the information about us regarding where we live, what we have said, who we know, our financial records, everything, and soon if not already, our medical records too.

Are they capturing and storing information on us so that they can identify "Their Enemy" and where "their enemy" is located? It is a question that must be asked and given consideration. While admittedly, no American mind can fathom or believe that "Our Government" would call us enemies.

Even IF no one has those reasons in place now, what is to stop any future Agency of those who disagree with them from using this information for control of the masses of us? We are all at risk. We want no one, of whatever political or religious persuasion, to have power to be absolute controller over any of the others of us. As Americans we allow individual political and religious preferences.

GPS is at the same time a good thing and potentially a bad reality for our well being. There is no hiding for any of us now. There is only to pray and don't stand down. God is our very present help in the time of trouble; no one can hide even a thought from Him. However, "Repentance" to God of our personal and National sins is required.

"IF My people, who are called by My Name will humble themselves and pray, and turn from their wicked ways, and seek my Face, THEN will I hear from Heaven and heal their land."

So, my fellow Citizen, make your choice; take your action; God is our only Hope. He is the revealer of truths and secrets; and it is He Who is in charge of the affairs of the Nations.

Ramona: 06/14/2013

Ramona,  Master in Ministry Arts, BA in Biblical Studies, I am an Ordained Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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