Christ Death and Resurrection
by Cinda Carter

During Christ death
On the cross He felt separated from His Father and was deeply perplexed.
Jesus took our sins on Himself and gave His all while He was being put to the test.
Jesus made it possible for each of us to enter into His rest.

Christ rose and was resurrected
Our lives and souls were left under His protection.
Even at the last He only thought of others,
He knew that we would be adopted into God's family as His sisters and brothers.

While Jesus was there dying on the cross
He turned to God and prayed for a dying world that was lost.
He asked, "Father forgive them for they know not what they do".
Jesus shed His last drop of blood for me and you.

Jesus would rise again on the third day
Through God's plan of salvation, Jesus Christ paved the way.
Jesus death was never considered to be an ending.
Because of His death on the cross, it would be a whole new start, a new beginning.

It was a new beginning for all of mankind
Jesus resurrection would open the eyes of the blind.
It was a humiliating death for all to see on Calvary.
All of those who have faith in Jesus are cleansed by the blood to be made free.

The devil didn't see God's perfect plan for our salvation.
Satan didn't realize Jesus plan through His resurrection.
No greater love than this was ever shown.
Now Jesus sets with God the Father in His rightful place on the throne.

Now the work is complete in Jesus
We ask You Lord for Your mercy and forgiveness.
Cleanse us with the blood of the lamb.
So, we too may share salvation's plan.

Thank you Lord for Your "Only Begotten Son".
Through Your love for us the work was finished and has only just begun.
It was God's perfect plan for our salvation.
Through "Christ death and resurrection"

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