by Ramona Cook

One opinion is as good as another; one nose is as good as another; one belief is as good as another. It all depends on what rings your bell. Right?

I hope your answer is not "Yes."

We are the product of a God Who holds us accountable to treat each other with respect, and to treat ourselves with respect, and most importantly, to treat Him with respect.

God has placed boundaries for the waters of the Oceans and He has set the natural order in place for all the functions of the Earth, skies and seas; we did not do any of that, and we cannot control any of those things.

We did not either make ourselves, and we are not given the authority to set the rules for our lives as individuals, nor as a society.

I understand that as you read that statement you may reason that is does not seem to be truthful because so many people do exactly as they please and nothing happens. Wrong.

Every misdeed we do, and especially those that encroach upon the person of any other person, is being noted by God Himself, and it will be paid for in one way or another.

One way it may be paid for is if the erring person will confess the wrong doing to God and ask for forgiveness and then stop the wrong doing; Jesus has paid the bill for that wrong doing and He will impute His righteous in their behalf, if they will but ask for it.

If the offender to God's Rules will not repent, then the full payment for those sins will fall squarely and fully on that person, both in this life time and in the eternal continuance of that life.

Do not be deceived; it is not only the righteous that are raised to life again.

Those who offend God's Laws and refuse to repent, will also be raised to life and they will also live forever, only not in Heaven.

May all who abuse children in anyway, fall to severe discomforts and troubles. May they not succeed in anything. May they be consumed with conviction for their sins, and both desire and seek for forgiveness.

We cannot continue to consider the life and comfort and stability of children's lives to be a less than paramount focus of the adults.

But, as we allow laws that use children in the most disgusting ways, using them as legal objects of sex, and caring nothing for their emotional and physical stability and even deciding for the smallest and most helpless if they shall live or die, we can be certain that God is not impotent and He is not blind.

So then do not be surprised what will happen to such a society. It will ultimately be our own skin, and no one will stop it for us either.

Sow bean seeds and you will not grow corn stalks; you will grow nothing if you do not plant. Sow your vote for the protection of everyone in our society, especially the children.

It has happened before, that God spoke with violent force and God is the SAME yesterday, TODAY and tomorrow.

Ramona: 07/19/2013

Ramona,  Master in Ministry Arts, BA in Biblical Studies, I am an Ordained Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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