by Ramona Cook

Often we say that if we knew the direction God wanted us to pursue that we would gladly go in that path; meanwhile we wander about because we do not know what that thing is nor how to do it, therefore, we are largely unfocused on the goal.

Don't you think we are honest in saying those words, that we would do, if we only knew? I think we are, but I see that we are not looking closely at what God has said, nor to the instruction He has given to every believer. The Mission is in the Commission.

Too often, as we consider the Commission, we quickly "get otherwise occupied" in our thoughts, because we cannot envision what "doing that" may require of us.

Have you noticed that when the thought of performing the Great Commission that Jesus gave to us, "Go into all the world" with the Gospel, comes into our minds, we begin to visualize how that might take us to the dangerous places on earth; and how we might be required to speak to people about their souls, and how we may "offend" someone; how that we don't know just what to do?

Should we not rather be obedient and realize that Jesus never tells us to do what we cannot do? He provides to us the wisdom, the strength, and the direction for the work He assigns.

Could it be that we are not recognizing the various administrations of the variety of gifts He has given among us? Some of us are evangelists and "going out" is a joy to our hearts, it's thrilling; who would do anything else?

Some are pastors, some are apostles, some are prophets, some have the gift of administration, some have healing gifts, some have the beautiful gifts of helps and some have the gift of being a hilarious giver.

Whatever thing we strongly wish someone would do, we should do. Those things that "need to be done" will give us pleasure and joy and satisfaction in the doing of, they are for us to do, although it will require us to give ourselves. Each ones gift is as natural to them as breathing in and breathing out. They see it! They understand how it works.

We are not all called to the foreign missions fields, but we are called to provide for those who are called. That is doing our Mission!

The warrior, and the ones who stand by the goods at home, are equally rewarded.

Should not each of us, who have assurance of Heaven through the sacrifice God made in The Man Jesus Christ, be willing to say "yes" to His COMMANDMENT to us to get involved and be involved in spreading the Gospel by some manner and method?

Even if we begin by giving some money, knowing that it is given to get the Word out to the world, or just some small part of it.

Even when it is being helpful to a person with a disability, or a child who needs "someone," or a single parent who is struggling, we are showing the Love of God and opening the heart of that person or persons to God's Love for them.

It is not only money that we give, but even more importantly, ourselves, that act shows the Love of God to a person, even if but one person.

Let's not forget that our homes are our Certain and Assigned Mission Field.

Why not think on it? Let us not disregard the thoughts the Lord places in our minds as we ask Him, "What can I do today that will be a step in obeying the Mission You have for me in Your Great Commission?

Conclusion: We may say that we do not know anything to do to be involved in the work of the Lord...if we do, it is because we don't begin to do what we do know to do, and then listen and then "do" more perfectly. As we walk into "doing" we will learn more of what to do.

There is a text in the Old Testament that I read long ago and many times, I thought it was misprinted, because it told the Israelites to, "do and know." Everyone knows that you must "know" before you can "do." Right?

I later have come to understand that we begin, and as we walk, we hear God talk.

Jesus said,* "If you love Me, you will keep My commandments. If you do not love Me, you won't."

* "Not everyone who says unto Me, Lord, Lord, will enter the Kingdom of Heaven, only he who does the will of My Father."

The choice belongs to the Reader, that is you.

The Holy Spirit is our Strength and Helper; He is not even a breath away. Pray. Begin. It is the right thing to do: it will be good for you; for the Lord; for everyone you know. The word is GO!

* John 14: 23 & 24
* Matthew 7: 21

Ramona: 08/09/2013

Ramona,  Master in Ministry Arts, BA in Biblical Studies, I am an Ordained Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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