Guard your heart
by hannah IDOWU

"Guard your heart with all diligence, in it are the issues of life". Prov 4:23

GOD has never left you stranded, He is called Immanuel, that is God with you. He is also your EVER present help in times of trouble.

But why is God asking you to guard your heart? The answer- He is ever present living in your heart! God does not want to share that space with whatever you worry and are anxious about.

In your heart if you care to pay serious attention, God speaks softly, instruct and guides you. However, your heart is so full of other interference that you are unable to hear God speak.

We all know that once a heart stops to beat, that is the end of the journey. The devil knows this secret so he clogs our heart with fear, worry and anxieties because these things are contrary to Gods personality, they are heart stoppers.

Hear this, God will not step into a place of fear but of faith. You can never enter into Gods gate with worry and into his courts with anxiety but only with thanksgiving and praise.

Today, free your heart from every trap and snares of the devil through fear, worry and anxieties. Guard with all diligence and reserve your heart only for God via faith, thanksgiving and praise.


I enjoy reading motivational books and the bible hence as i am inspired i find myself either composing a song or poetry. I call them my moments of intimacy with the Most High God. 
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