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11 September 2013

Dear God-tracker


"All these trees look the same and I'm still not sure I've taken the right path!" I grumbled to myself while I climbed a steep hill in a small nature reserve near my home. I'd been trudging up the hill for what seemed like hours trying to find the path over the summit and down to the tranquil pool I knew existed on the other side of the hill. This pool is one of my favourite spots to sit and pray, but I usually access it by road. Sure enough I reached the brink of the knoll sweating and panting only to discover that the route I'd chosen was leading away from my peaceful pool. Eventually after plodding around for a while longer I found the right path and made my way down to my fave spot.

God-tracking is like that. As we negotiate this track we call life we often face many obstacles that we need to climb over in order to discover God's purposes beyond. When this happens we may be faced with several choices to make in order to arrive on the other side of the obstacle. One thing to be sure of is that each path we find will probably take us to the summit but only the correct one will take us down to the goal the other side. It remains then, that you and I need help to find the correct pathways over life's obstacles. You see, in my little sweaty experience on that hillside, if I'd had a map or GPS device I would have clearly seen my way over the hill and found the path to my goal beyond.

Therefore, we face two options: 1.) go it alone and guess the way to the place of tranquillity or, 2.) follow God's directions over the hill, even if they seem to take us away from the goal before we finally arrive. The Bible is like our roadmap to God's purposes and the Holy Spirit is like our GPS satellite navigational system. All tracks may lead up to the summit of life's obstacles but only God knows the one he has planned for you; the one that will take you over the hill, down the other side and on to his place of peace. So make your choice today to follow God's directions over your obstacles.

God-tracking is finding God's track over the hills of life.



It's all in the Book. Read more:
Psalm 119:105-110
John 16:13
Nehemiah 9:19-21

Verse of the Week

Psalm 119:105
Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.

Quote of the Week
A Sample of Dudley's Fave Quotes

"Just as at sea those who are carried away from the direction of the harbour bring themselves back on course by a clear sign, so Scripture may guide those adrift on the sea of life back into the harbour of the divine will." --- Gregory of Nyssa

Don't Give Up, Look Up!
Look up and Fix Your Eyes on Jesus!

I commit my path to you and pray for your way forward

"O Lord, I have been wondering this hillside for so long trying to find the correct pathway to take me over and down to a place of peace. It seems as though every time I look up I just see more trees and a steeper climb. Lord, I know you have my purposes in mind and that you have planned a way for me out of this mess I'm in but I have spent too much time going it on my own. I'm sorry. Today I make a decision to lift up my eyes and look into your word for direction to the place of your blessing. I call on the Holy Spirit to be my guide and direct me by his gentle nudge so that I may gain victory over this mountain. In faith I will do what you command me to do. Lord, I commit my path to you and pray for your way forward. In Jesus' name. Amen."

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Born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa Dudley Anderson began writing for radio in 1994. Dudley currently writes a weekly e-mail devotional called, GodTracker and complied 2 devotional books based on GodTracker. These are God-tracking Through the Year " year one & year two.

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