Freed Soul
by Stephen Vattimo

Tortured soul
Struggling to survive another day of wearing the chains of voluntary slavery,to earn my keep.

Struggling to labor with my fellow slaves,
some try to cut me like glass,
while other try to break my bone like rocks.

Tortured soul
Long to break free from these chains that hold me to the ground.
Longing to spread wrings of creativity,to earn my keep.
Souring on the winds of Art,poetry,comedy.

Rising from the dust of a tortured soul to the rebirth of a fulfilled soul.
Using the God given gifts of creativity to bring color into A gloomy world.

That fellow slave to sin,may open their hearts of glass or stone to God,that through His Holy spirit their hearts will become like clay.
So God can mold them into the beautiful image of his Son.

Written by Stephen J .Vattimo
Sept 19 2013

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