Not Just a Historical Jesus please...
by Ramona Cook

In all of our searching through the Bible's texts and words, in reading and rehearsing it's stories and values, in learning what happened to Israel, and to Paul, and to Peter, we are not satisfied with the results of our search.

As exciting as it may be and as true are the words, we really look for something other than a mere knowledge of the historical Jesus, and facts about God and how He created all that is ; what we most desire is to know Jesus as He is today.

We want to know that He is active in our present moment. We desire to associate with Him on a constant basis, and the really good news is that He also wants the same thing.

The question may come to mind of why does He permit such things as those that are troubles in our World and in our personal lives?

One thing is, that at this moment the devil is still loose to work his dastardly deeds, that will eventually come to an end. The second thing is so aptly penned by C. S. Lewis that God does not make all things to be perfect in our present lives because He does not want us to think we have arrived Home just yet. We search for Him best when there is some problem with which we need assistance. His strong love for us constrains Him to see that we know Him personally, because we have no life without Him.

Learning and reading are disciplines we must do, for it is in the process of the learning that we get better acquainted with Jesus and we see how He deals with people. We gain confidence that He is truly the Lover of our entire being; we become convinced that He is for us and never against us. We also learn that we must follow after righteous living so that we do not put ourselves into the enemies camp and get pummeled.

Some of us would appreciate a picture of Jesus to give a visual of Him Whom we seek. We would like to hear His voice, and there are those that do and have. How do we get to such a place? The Lord tells us that if we seek His face we will be better informed about Him.

What does it mean to seek someone's face?

If you were seeking my face, or I yours, we would be hunting each other out to see closely. It is difficult to see someone's face from a distance: no, we can see only the silhouette from a distance.

The Bible says that if we do what we know to do and also request it of the Lord, that He reveal Himself to us, that He will hear and answer the request. After all, that is exactly what He truly wants as well.

Ramona: 09/28/2013

Ramona,  Master in Ministry Arts, BA in Biblical Studies, I am an Ordained Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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