by Carlton Steele

I can't fathom not having you in my life,
chasing my goal,
at the same time having this flesh that I need to fight,

Raising my head up to the sky,
closing my eyes to the brightness of the light,
Why cant I chase this dream with a clear mind?
Without images blocking my sight,

Everyone wants to be a hero,
And wear the armor like a knight,
But deep inside to weak to fight,

Lord enter my heart so I can defeat the temptation,
My flesh is aching,
But my soul and spirit is burning with love,
Agape that we receive from above,
That is so pure and beautiful like a dove

Born and raised in New York, reside in Virginia. Carlton found his calling as a inspirational writer in 2011. Praising God and writing to save his people is my enjoyment.

A Joyful Noise
Carlton Steele
Copyright 2013 by Carlton Steele
Smashwords Edition

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