Undercover Agents
by Ramona Cook

We are aware that the police and the law enforcement agencies of our government have undercover agents. These men and women are necessary to discover those breaking laws who would otherwise not be discoverable and consequently stopped from their destructive activities, and hopefully brought to justice.

A fact most of us are not informed about is the undercover agents that exist in the spirit world of our lives; some of those agents are extremely destructive, while there are some that do great good in our behalf.

The world of the spiritual is often viewed as a secondary force, secondary in importance, secondary in influence. That view is the most useful tool in the toolbox of the agents of Hell. Never do they want you to discover and to understand that the work they do is not possible without your assistance.

On the other hand, the agents of Heaven are also working, but in behalf of our blessings and they also need our agreement for many of the things they do; however, God often oversees for our good without our consent. God is good! "He sends the rain on the just and the unjust." God is merciful; but there is no mercy with the underground.

With only a minimal amount of training we can learn to detect the source of occurrences happening in our life, and thereby discern to whom we have given our support.

There are a few things to observe to make Source Discoveries, such as listening to what is coming out of one's own mouth.

The words that we speak bring about substance to the things that we do. The words that we speak will tell us where we are going, and will also reveal to us those persons whom the enemy agents are using us to destroy.

The horror is that too often we find, when we listen to ourselves, that those targeted for destruction with our assistance, are those of our own household.

Here is a quick example: one of the children in your house just gets on your last nerve, you don't really understand why but the child grates on you, not that you would do them harm, it is just that... well you just don't know why. There is a red flag! When everyone is in a hurry and trying to meet a deadline for school or Church or whatever, the child seems out of step and you can't help but raise your voice; but listen to what comes out of your mouth in the form of accusations and yes, prophesy. "What is wrong with you?" "You never do anything right!" "You'll never amount to anything."

The list of accusations toward the child, telling that child how awful they are and how they are miss fitted to society, plus the prophetic utterances you make over them is destroying them, killing them little by little and forming in their mind who they are and how they are to behave.

Such words are setting up in that child first a sense of rejection, then hopeless grief, and eventually anger. That is a tool of the enemy of their souls and you or I are assisting the world of the underground spirits to that child's destruction, and they could not do it without our assistance.

This happens very often in our every day, we have the opportunity to bless or to curse; most of the opportunity is through words, seeds sown that are certain to grow what we say.

We have allowed the invisible underground agents to enlist us to aid their causes, for which we will later reap the problems for ourselves of a child that performs poorly in school and becomes to us exactly what we prophesied over them.

This is but one example of our being used for the destruction of ourselves and others by our enemy. The list of ploys are numerous, like agreeing to "try" the drugs; comforting ourselves with food far past the need of our bodies, indulging in promiscuous sexual activity.

I hear those invisibles gagging now, they don't want these things to be revealed; they want us to believe that sexual activity is healthy for us and the more the we engage the healthier we are. The human intellectuals who unwittingly support the underground agents regarding this matter don't know what to do about the horrific venereal diseases that result from such behaviors. The Underground Headquarters hopes a cure is never found, it would really mess up a good tool used for destruction of the human. All that pain and misery would be alleviated and no! they don't want that.

There is however, a tool rarely used by us that combats the heavy words of destruction that are spoken to/over us, it is a missile blaster, and we would do well to talk more about the process of using that tool, which is a counter rejection that we verbalize.

We are not obligated to accept the ugly and negative words said over us by those who claim to love us, or by those who do not love us. We can simply say, "I do not accept that." "That is not what God thinks of me." "I don't know who you are talking to, that is not me you're describing."

I have told children that while they are not allowed to say those things boldly to a teacher or parent, they may whisper it; the important thing is to not allow the evil words to take a root inside and grow to their destruction.

The underground agents are quite adept also to whispering their own words. We must become keenly aware to understand that all negativity, all fear, all hopelessness and such things are NOT from God, we must therefore, reject those words whispered into our minds.

The entire range of events is all about accepting and/or rejecting what is not God, or what is God. But too often the "big kids" (adults) don't know about this process and the little kids certainly don't know it and so they suffer, and grow impaired.

On the reverse side of the situation being able to receive God's blessings, healings, and salvation is also all about accepting to receive, and rejecting to be excluded.

The difference between the methods used by God and the Underground is that God is up front and in the open. God will not twist your arm, God will not fool you. He says, "I love you and I think you are worth the death I died to release you from Satan's grip, but if you reject Me, I will honor your choice."

Conversely, Satan uses lies, and deceits, and trickery to force us, if possible, to accept all the destruction the forces of Hell can manipulate toward our demise while living here and ultimately forever, all done with our agreement.

Nothing of these good or bad things can become our life without our agreement.

There is no middle ground. Jesus said, "You are for Me or you are against Me."

All the facts, presented here, is one reason why the Bible says that "If we confess with our mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in our hearts that God has raised Him from the dead, we shall be saved. For with the heart man believes unto righteousness and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation." Romans 10:10

The words we speak are seeds, they grow what we say; but the really astounding thing is that it is out of the abundance of our hearts that we speak those words: Matthew 12:34; and that is chilling.

Let us all listen to our own words and evaluate if we really do want them to produce, because assuredly, they will.

There is a war going on that has been raging since the Garden of Eden. It was going on when we got here and it continues. We are on the battle ground and so we must learn the strategies of the warfare. One of the strategies is "words, ideas." The Bible tells us that Jesus combated Satan in the Wilderness of Temptation by quoting the Word of God, or the Scriptures.

So, do you and I know what to say to make use of that tool against our enemy? Do we read the Bible? Do we teach it to our children? I hope the word is, "YES."

Ramona: 10/23/2013

Ramona,  Master in Ministry Arts, BA in Biblical Studies, I am an Ordained Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.com


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